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GvC Amsterdam

International • Multi-Cultural • Authentic

I'm New

We know visiting a new church can feel a little intimidating. We’ll do our best to make you feel right at home!

What are your on-line services like?

Just like our physical meetings, people describe our on-line services as worshipful, energetic, authentic and loving. We stream some inspiring music, share a life-reflecting message and often close out with a reflective communion message.

Our LiveStreams on Periscope do not require you to login or become a follower, but we would super appreciate it if you did!

You can also follow our broadcasts through Twitter and other streaming platforms, but we always broadcast to Periscope first.

What are your physical services like?

People describe our church services as worshipful, energetic and loving. Service typically lasts about 90 minutes and includes plenty of singing/worship, a reflective communion message and a life-guiding sermon.

Our meeting areas are setup casually and we normally spend some time after a service to have coffee together and connect with each other. Feel free to stay around as long as you like!

What’s expected of first-time visitors joining video meetings?

Nothing! You can just listen in. Some people may share, but you won’t be singled out. And don’t feel obligated to give to our weekly or monthly offering or participate in sharing unless you want to. There are no expectations for you as a guest.

Of-course you are free to ask questions or comment on the live-stream when the opportunity is there. We hope to see you at the next live stream!

What’s expected of first-time visitors joining physical meetings?

Nothing! Rest assured we’re not going to ask you to raise your hand, stand up or come up front. You’re sure to meet warm, friendly people at our services, but you won’t be singled out. And don’t feel obligated to give to our weekly or monthly offering or participate in communion unless you want to. There are no expectations for you as a guest.

It does not matter if we meet in the park or at a building.

What else is helpful to know?

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GvC Amsterdam

International • Multi-Cultural • Authentic

a community for everyone!

We are one of the only truly diverse churches in the area with multi cultural and economic diversity. We have members who natively speak in all kinds of languages, from Dutch, French and English to Spanish and Arabic. Please come join us!

What about my kids?

We want to make sure that both children and adults enjoy an encouraging and inspiring time during any of our meetings.

During physical worship services, we offer a childrens program for infants through 6th graders, allowing parents to attend the worship service while children enjoy an age-appropriate time of learning and fun.


If you have older children or teens, we will be happy to connect you with the group leaders, who organize events and activities for that.

Young professionals?

We have a very active young professionals focus. We believe in maximizing the gifts God has given us and supporting each other with our experiences and creativity.

There are members with extensive start-up experience, ZZP and anything else you can think of. Amsterdam is a great place to connect with other young professionals!


Defenitely!! We have a fantastic marrieds focus. God provides us with the best possisble means to learn about how to complement each other in marriage.

How do I become a member?

We believe that the church is simply a body of believers who have become true disciples of Jesus. If you want to be a part of this body, the first step is to study the bible to find out what Jesus expects of His followers.

Come to one of our meetings to learn more about a personal bible study plan or join a LifeTalk in your neighborhood (or on-line). Or ask one of our leaders about setting up a personal Bible study plan.

Last but not least, just send us an e-mail and we will connect you with someone who would love to help.

How about placing membership?

We would love to have you join us! If you are a baptized disciple and eager to serve God in the Netherlands, we woud love to sit down with you and talk about our common convictions as well as how you think you could play a role for God in our fellowship. We look forward to forging a plan together!

These are some quick links to information that may help you get to know us a little bit.

Love to see you soon, on-line, or in person!