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GvC Amsterdam

International • Multi-Cultural • Authentic


Amsterdam is a fantastic place to live and work. Great nature, easy to get around on bicycle and public transport alike. Most of all, being a disciple of Jesus in Amsterdam, means you have a great, loving and supportive community to lean on.
Study in Amsterdam

Great universites are in close distance to the places we meet as a church and we have a very supportive and active campus ministry focus.

Study in Amsterdam also means you have access to great parks to hang out with us and your friends, as well as many great places to visit.

Everyone speaks English, which makes a huge difference when meeting people and reaching out to them.

Work in Amsterdam

Every "Expat" we have met that lived in Amsterdam wants to come back! It is a great city for children and careers alike.

There is a fantastic sense of work-life ballance and everyone supports quality time with friends and family.

The work atmosphere is generally relaxed and flexible and it is easy to meet people in the same situation or network with people you meet. Bonus: Most interesting cities in Europe are only a short trainride away!