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GvC Amsterdam

International • Multi-Cultural • Authentic

Our Friends

We are connected with churches and disciples all over the world and specifically support orphanages and educational programs in India and Africa.

We believe that everyone who made Jesus Lord of their lives and who has died with Him and is resurrected with HIm to a new life - through baptism is part of our spiritual family. Brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of Heaven. Together we understand why and how we help build up the church in His name. We do not believe the name of the church organization is a factor in our salvation, but rather our individual relationship with God.


In Europe, we meet frequently with other disciples for camps, summits, leadership training sessions and other events that help us grow. Some of the cities we have friends in are:

Dusseldorf • Berlin • Munich • Zurich • Paris • Geneva • Brussels • Prague


We would love to have more, but are closely connected with disciples in many cities all over the world, some a bit more then others. Here are some of the cities we have very close friendships in:

Chicago • Jakarta • Singapore • Boston • Atlanta • San Francisco

If you like to know more about how we support and encourage each other across the world, feel free to contact us!