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GvC Amsterdam

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Helping Others

We, as disciples of Jesus, have a passion to share the blessings of a relationship with God with others.

That does not mean that we impose or demand anything, on the contrary, we gladly share what we learn with others who are interested; for free and without obligation.

Jesus was cricified and died without demands. We as disciples take that serious and make every effort to live with the same mindset.

With Who?

Jesus tells us that it takes 2 or more together to have Him help us. We may need to pray about who is able to join us and partner with us, but we all want to have at least one person together with Jesus, so we can be helpful to those we are trying to serve.


Spending time with others is really the only way to be helpful in building each other up. It is highly unlikely that we will have much of an impact in peoples lives - if we are not willing to invest in it. There needs to be a level of trust in a relationship before anything can happen at all. There are no shortcuts. This means that we listen, learn and ask questions like Jesus did.



But it makes most sense to impact the people that God already put in our lives, before we make efforts outside of that. The people we see everyday, would be the ones we live with, work with and those we meet every day on our way to where we frequently go - and back.

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