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For Who?

LifeTalks are for anyone who is interested in talking about the deeper issues in life. In other words: For those who are tired of shallow conversations.

Are you prepared to explore deep and meaningful relationship issues, communication issues, conflicts and controversies we deal with every day?

Are you willing to be challenged? Open to change and grow? Be inspired to be the best person you could be? Then please come join us at our next meeting!


LifeTalks are informal meetings with a small group. We take an everyday topic like trust, love, personal value, personal gifts or we talk for instance about marriage, children or career. Any topic is possible.

A LifeTalk will last about 45-60 minutes and will consist of a focus topic and the use of the Bible to find direction, ideas and answers. Afterwards we spend time further discussing, networking or getting to know each other better.

LifeTalks are not religious meetings or prayer meetings. Anybody from any background is welcome.

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