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Giving & Serving


We have a lot to give, but often are held back by people and circumstances around us.

God wants to set us free from those constraints and instead, give us complete freedom to utilize our gifts.


Giving of yourself, by spending time with others leads to the ability to have compassion for each other.

When we give of ourselves, we will start seeing the needs of others, can feel for them and have compassion for them.

The Bible tells us that Jesus had compassion on the crowds that were following Him. When people surround us and are close to us, we start seeing their needs clearly.


We can all give something and our time is one of the most precious gifts we can give to someone.

Giving our time through meeting for coffee, for a barbeque in the park or a deep conversation about the struggles of life are all just as important. Reading and learning from the Bible is an integral part of our investment of time in each other as well.


Giving financially is a powerful way to help others in need. Our greatest need is to have a relationship with God, so naturally our giving will reflect that.

We are encouraged and inspired to give as much as we are able, but keeping in mind what God has blessed us with. In other words, we can not give more than our income allows. In the same way we have time constraints we need to submit to and accept in our desire to give.

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