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Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.

Psalm 119:35

It is our desire that by the time a teen comes into the teen ministry; he or she will have a godly foundation, great friendships, and a growing faith in God. 

At the same time, there is no pressure on teens that have not spent much time with other teens in the church to comply. On the contrary, we want everyone to be accepted just as they are.

As teens continue to grow in each of these areas, it is our goal to see the teens make Jesus the Lord of their life.  In addition, we believe that training and equipping the teenagers for their future as college students and/or employees is crucial.  We call the focal points of this ministry, “Fruit & Future”.


Teen activities are often scheduled for Saturday evenings.

Teen devotionals: A devotional is a time to throw off the burdens of life and the stress of peer pressure and expectations.

Coming to a devotional, means we can re-charge. Take our focus off ourselves and turn it to God, each other and the positive.

Teen camp in the Swiss Alps. Once a year the teens have an opportunity to go into the mountains and have fun and bonding activities with other teens from all over the world.


Not every activity will show on the calendar, please contact the teen leaders for the latest details.