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Teen Focus

Teens may come into the teen ministry with a godly foundation, great friendships, and a growing faith in God, or have no faith at all and wonder what role God could play in their lives.

There is no pressure on teens that have not spent much time with other teens in the church to comply. On the contrary, we want everyone to be accepted just as they are.

As teens continue to grow in faith and conviction, it is our goal to see them make Jesus the Lord of their life. In addition, we believe that training and equipping the teenagers for their future as college students and/or employees is crucial.

Teen Activities

Teens love to have fun together and play games. Various events are typically organized on Saturday evenings.

An adult couple will be minimally available to support the events, but often there are also students who like to help out and join the fun.

There are also devotionals, where deeper teen related topics will be discussed, like friendships, rejection, peer pressure etc. and how the Bible can provide answers and guidance. Teens often will ask for these, because it is a chance for them to openly talk about things they may not feel comfortable about in other settings.

"Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says"

-James brother of Jesus