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GvC Amsterdam

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Student Focus

Our vision for students is to excel beyond their own expectations in everything they do because of their spiritual walk.

Jesus gives us the freedom to be ourselves, to dream and to explore. Every single person can make a big difference to their surroundings and beyond.

He gives us the freedom to have meaningful conversations about life. What we expect, what we can contribute and how we can play a role in the the bigger picture.

We believe that students can make a real and lasting difference in this world and should be given the support to do so in a Godly and upbuilding fashion.

Student Activities

Students want to both be able to have fun and go deep frequenlty.

Students will organize gaming and social events as well as weekly meetings to have deep, life changing discussions.

Students can have a great time together as disciples, having fun while staying encouraging and upbuiding to each oher. Their Godly convictions allow them to have deeper and more meaningful friendships with each other and friends outside the group.

LifeTalks are organized by students to discuss how they feel about their lives and the challenges they face. They may be focussed on topics like communication, loneliness, love - or anything else, while looking in the Bible for inpiration and guidance.

"Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says"

-James brother of Jesus