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GvC Amsterdam

International • Multi-Cultural • Authentic


"Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says"

-James brother of Jesus

Our Focus

Young professionals, single parents, retired singles...

Our vision is that we all experience the love and relationships with each other and with God, as God intended it.

Singles have a unique opportunity to use their time to contribute in ways most people can not. From starting busineses to kick-starting a new inititaive or networking together to make a difference, it is a special blessing from God to have an opportunitiy to use time in our favor.

Jesus gives us the freedom to be ourselves, to dream and to explore. Every single person can make a big difference to their surroundings and beyond. He gives us the freedom to have meaningful conversations about life. What we expect, what we can contribute and how we can play a role in the the bigger picture.

We believe that each single can make a real and lasting difference in this world and should be given the support to do so in a Godly and upbuilding fashion.

Let's dream, plan and implement something great together for good and for God!

Our Activities

Singles want to connect and find ways to maximize their time and gifts.

  • Singles and F4G
    Singles can be part of any group, but quite a few are part of the F4G (Friends For God) group, which has weekly meetings and activities to support and help each other. This ranges from prayer groups to carreer discussions, fun picnics in the park or bicycle trips together.

F4G have a great time together as disciples, having fun while encouraging each oher and building each other up. Their Godly convictions allow them to have deeper an more meaningful friendships with each other and also with friends and colleagues outside the group.

  • LifeTalks
    LifeTalk discussion groups are organized for singles, but also through F4G to discuss how they feel about their lives and the challenges they face. They may be focussed on topics like communication, lonelyness, love, personal growth - or anything else, while looking in the Bible for inpiration and guidance.

We hope you can join us soon for one of our inspiring and encouraging events!